Ratcliff Thomas Foundation, Inc. (RTF) believes that all persons regardless of economic status, ethnicity or gender should have access to the necessary resources to become a successful and productive member of the community. RTF also believes that strong community engagement is the key for impacting social change…especially for the youth! RTF provides programs and services, which includes a Mentoring Program for our youth, Community Outreach/Sports Services Division, and the Seniors Program, which will feature the ‘Senior Sunrise’ initiative. RTF's ultimate goal is to invoke social change for the economically under privileged of all ages in Alexandria, VA (AVA), District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV).

Survey the Problem
Many communities across our country face the same problems such as poverty, crime and under achieving schools. Even as DMV thrive with population, economic and structural growth, we still need to keep these problems in perspective and initiate change. RTF goals are to build partnerships with local organizations and offer fresh new ideas that will address the core of our problems. Our programs and services will engage and reach the heart of the community, with the purpose of invoking social change. Our belief is “Culture beats Schemes”, and it’s vital to have strategic plans, initiatives, and policies in place to reach our goals. But, teamed with changing of the culture, mind-set, and attitudes of our youth, we will surely be successful in promoting a more enriched community.

Organization Description
RTF will leverage the priorities, enthusiasm, and leadership of the youth, with mentorship and supervision as required. In short, we will tap into the creativity of the youth and the leaders of the community to solve problems. The Mentoring Program will lead the way with the Seniors Programs and Community Outreach/Sports Services closely to follow. RTF will involve the youth in the planning and implementation, this will take more patience and learning than just letting adults define and solve the problems. The adults volunteering participating in the organization must commit to providing guidance and sharing their life experiences. We must get back to the mind-set of “It takes a village to raise a child”.

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